So after a couple days of searching, I still couldn’t find a way to catch a particular exception from the Apache libcloud module. Chalk it up to my inexperience with Python, but why couldn’t I find anything on the Interwebs in regards to 3rd party module exceptions? Searches were coming up with nuttin’ useful.

So, here is the code I was testing:

key_pair = do_cxn.create_key_pair('my_keypair', key_data)

I knew it was going to fail because there was an equivalent key in the Digital Ocean account and here is the error I received:

libcloud.common.exceptions.BaseHTTPError: SSH Key is already in use on your account (code: 422)

So I wanted to wrap this up in a try/except stanza, but no matter what I put as the exception it wouldn’t work.

I finally found a Stackoverflow answer that was unrelated, but it worked. The answer was to just use “Exception”, e.g.:

    key_pair = do_cxn.create_key_pair('my_keypair', key_data)
except Exception as e:
    # looks like the key already exists
    print(" Mr. T says, 'The key already exists, fool!' -> %s" % e)

But that feels to me almost as wrong as just using an empty except: line, like it’s going to catch the desired exception (key already exists) as well as other exceptions.

    key_pair = do_cxn.create_key_pair('my_keypair', key_data)
    # looks like the key already exists
    print('The key already exists, fool! -> %s' % e)

Basically I want libcloud to create the key if it doesn’t exist. Hmmmm.


Looks like I just needed to import the right class from the base module:

# exception handling
from libcloud.common.exceptions import BaseHTTPError

Now is it wrong to do import * instead? I dunno. But here is the final try/except:

    key_pair = conn.create_key_pair('my_keypair', key_data)
except BaseHTTPError as e:
    print('The key already exists, fool! -> %s' % e)


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