Windows – Can’t delete local printer port

Another reason I hate dealing with MS. I have had this issue with every version of Windows as far back as I can remember so obviously they will never fix the code.  So, you want to reconfigure a non-working printer or remove an old entry in the printer server “Ports” tab.  But Windows won’t let you – it says that the “Resource is in use.”  Huh?  I deleted the printer, now I just want to delete the local/TCP port.  Turns out there might have been old jobs sticking around and they need to be cleared out first.  Uggh.

This isn’t my solution, but I just want to give a shout out to the guy who posted it and hopefully one extra link will give him that much more Google ranking cred.

The Pesky HP “Only One Copy?” Mystery Solved!

Here is one that took a bit o’ detective work to solve.  A client of mine was lamenting how they couldn’t print multiple copies to their HP4200 printers, unless the document was longer than one page.  If the document was one page, you could set the number of copies to one bazillion and it would still only print one copy.

A Google search turned up a boatload of hits, but no fix.  The solutions ranged from unchecking/checking “collate”, disabling “mopier/job storage” options, etc., etc.  Tried them all to no avail.

But then the answer came down from high, so I’ll spare you the boring details of how I arrived at the solution.  Actually it was part luck, and part deductive reasoning (well, OK, mostly luck).  The answer simply boiled down to the Print Processor setting. Read more