Well, I’ve been testing CMS systems for quite some time.  While most of them are very nice, some powerful, some simple to setup, none are easy to use by an “end user”.  At least, that’s what I thought until I tried gp|Easy.

Every single CMS I’ve put in front of an end-user has been a flop.  I usually end up having to do all of the layout and page creation, and just leaving the text-editing to the user.  This is fine if you have a technical person on staff and the end-users just want to make changes here and there, but what if you just want to hand something over to grandma so she can create a good-looking, basic website and move things around herself.  All of the CMS systems I have tested over the years still require me to monkey around with CSS and HTML, which I detest.  Nope, not a fan of HTML and CSS.  Extremely laborious and mind-numbing.  I might as well have plunked down the $300 or so for Dreamweaver and created the website with that.  Would have been easier.

If you haven’t seen this open-source project yet, then you *need* to check this project out.  While it is not as powerful (yet) as Drupal, or feature-rich as some more mature systems, the ease-of-use that this CMS exhibits makes it a winner in my book.  The site-owner can create richly formatted pages using CKeditor, change layout and menus by dragging things around, even easily upload photos to create galleries.

I’m still playing around with it and will admit that it still needs some more features (plugins) to be a contender for larger sites, but as it stands right now it is the perfect platform for a small business or a personal website.  I might even move my blog over to it.

*DISCLAIMER: I am in no way associated with the gp|Easy project, I’m just a frustrated CMS admin 🙂

2 thoughts on “Most Awesome CMS, ever!

  1. Dave,

    Grat info about easy CMS… Didi you try use it?
    All the best in New 2014!
    I hope all is well… Talk to you soon!


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